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Camping with Pack 195

One of the things that many Cub Scouts and their families enjoy about Cub Scouts is camping out.  Camping in Cub Scouts is by the Family Method.  Family Camping means that the Cub Scout goes camping with his den, but must be accompanied on the trip by a parent or authorized adult partner/guardian.  The whole family is invited to attend.  The Pack will camp as a group twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  These are fun camping trips and should be put on your calendar to attend with your son.  Check the Pack 195 calendar for the campout dates.

Pack 195 tries to assist with a conservation project at whatever park we camp.  The project usually takes 1-2 hours to complete.

In addition to the two Pack campouts, the den can also schedule camping activities on its own.  In the Webelos Den Level (4th and 5th grade), additional den camping trips are a part of the Cub Scout program.

Pack 195 has a close relationship with Boy Scout Troop 902 (the program for boys ages 11 through 17), and they may camp at the same times as Pack 195.  This relationship with Troop 902 brings a wealth of experience, as well as opportunities for the boys to meet “real” Boy Scouts.


Please note the following:

·       All members of your family are invited to attend.

·     Most sites have picnic tables and raised grills.

·       Bring a chair with you to all meals.


·       First Aids Kits are located in each den’s campsite and are the responsibility of the Den Leader.

·       If an injury of any type does occur, please inform the Cub Master as soon as possible.  We are covered by BSA (Boy Scouts of America) insurance, if a medical form is on file, but there must be documentation of any incident.

Supplied by the Pack on Pack Campouts ONLY

·       Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast (On your own for lunch)

·       First aid kits

·       Bug Juice (Lemonade)

·   Water

·       Plates, utensils, cups, etc., but we prefer that you provide your own mess kit and cup.

You Need to Bring

·       Tents, sleeping bags, blankets, etc. (The Pack does have 1 extra tent available for a family to borrow if needed).

·       Flashlights, Lanterns, etc.

·       Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Hats, Raingear (Be Prepared)

·       Any special diet needs

·       Class A and B Scout Uniforms

·       Chairs

·       Snacks

·       Water Bottle to minimize cup usage

·       Firewood

·       Water for drinking and water for campfire safety/extinguishing

·       Gloves and tools (adult use only) for the conservation project

What Not to Bring

·       Electronic games or toys, radios, IPODs, TVs

·       Liquid fuel.  Propane gas is ok.

·       Fireworks or firearms of any type.

·       Alcohol and controlled substances are not allowed, even after hours.

·       Bikes, skateboards, rollerblades

·       Pets


·       Medical forms must be filled out for every person attending the campout and turned in before the campout or to the Cub Master when you arrive at the campgrounds.

·       Absolutely no alcohol or controlled substances.

·       No smoking in the sight of any Cub Scout or Boy Scout, this includes your Cub Scout.

·       Quiet hours are 10 pm-8am

·       Children are not allowed to play in campfires.

·       Children are not allowed to ride in the back of any truck.

·       No gathering of firewood from park grounds.

·       Have fun!